Implementation of the gas program

The gas program for the sustainable use of associated petroleum gas for in 2020-2024 was approved by Order No. 367 dated December 16, 2019.

The APG utilization rate in the Group’s Russian segment (JC RUSVIETPETRO and ZARUBEZHNEFT–Dobycha Kharyaga) was 95.2% in 2020, which is 3% higher than in 2019.

The measures planned for 2020 to increase APG utilization at subsidiaries have been fully implemented

The utilization rate increased due to a set of measures to increase the share of gas generation at JC RUSVIETPETRO and ZARUBEZHNEFT–Dobycha Kharyaga as well as an increase in commercial sales of associated petroleum gas to the Usinsk Gas Refinery of LUKOIL-Komi.

The Group devotes special attention to the gas program of ZARUBEZHNEFT–Dobycha Kharyaga. Payment for the negative environmental impact in 2020 will amount to RUB 35.2 million, which is RUB 10.6 million less than the planned value.

The updated Gas Program was approved by Order No. 340 of December 30, 2020 “On the Implementation of the Gas Program for the Sustainable Use of Associated Petroleum Gas in 2021–2025 at ZARUBEZHNEFT GROUP”.

APG utilization ratio
Company Plan 2020 Actual 2020 Deviation, %
Zarubezhneft Group 95.1 95.2 +0.1
JC RUSVIETPETRO 95.0 95.1 +0.1
ZNDS (Municipal) 98.2 99.9 +1.7
ZNDS (UNG) 91.4 92.7 +1.3
Foreign segment 93.7 96.6 +2.9
For reference: Kharyaga PSA 47.8 61.8 +14.0