Staff assessment

The Group employs a flexible and transparent system of employee performance management that aims to promptly and thoroughly achieve strategic objectives.

The annual staff assessment:

  • Systematically and objectively assesses the performance indicators of employees
  • Identifies high-potential employees and motivates them to produce positive work results and display a high level of professionalism
  • Determines focuses for both the professional and personal development of employees

The staff assessment is conducted based on the following indicators:

  • An employee’s achievement of individual goals/objectives for the preceding year
  • The level of development of professional skills
  • The level of development of corporate and managerial skills
  • The fulfillment of the development map/individual development plan for the preceding year
  • The level of an employee’s potential for further career growth and development

Based on these indicators, the ultimate efficiency of an employee’s activities for the reporting year is determined.

Based on the results of the annual assessment:

  • Employees receive detailed and substantiated information about their performance and the level of development of their skills
  • Proposals are drawn up and a decision is made on the feasibility of enhancing an employee’s professional status or promoting the employee to a higher position, including an employee in the talent pool
  • Priorities are determined for the development of an employee’s key skills and individual goals for the next year

The Company is engaged in external assessment activities such as the Assessment Center, assessments using the 180/360 degree method, and various types of testing to identify the level of development of professional knowledge and skills, business and personal qualities as well as verbal and numerical abilities.

Appraisal activities are carried out throughout ZARUBEZHNEFT GROUP in order to implement a unified staff appraisal policy.

The Company strives to keep pace with the times and apply modern automated HR technologies. Assessment, training, and development tools are automated and integrated into a single system and logic using the WebTutor software product. Thanks to the introduction of the WebTutor system, there has been a significant reduction in labor costs, preparation time, assessment procedures, and the analysis of results, and the share of employees trained at the Company is increasing through distance courses. This system is integrated into almost all ZARUBEZHNEFT GROUP’s subsidiaries and helps to ensure appraisal procedures are conducted online and to organize remote training.