Corporate culture 102-16

Improving the Company’s efficiency largely depends not only on positive production indicators, but also on well-coordinated teamwork, functional interaction, and positive communication between employees both within and between structural units in addition to well-coordinated partnership with the external environment.

ZARUBEZHNEFT GROUP pays considerable attention to corporate culture. to this end, it broadly uses and actively promotes the 12 principles of corporate interaction that it drafted and approved in 2016. these principles reflect the desired behavioral indicators that affect the positive dynamics of both teamwork and effective communication and enhance the company’s efficiency as a whole.

In an effort to develop and systematically introduce the principles of effective interaction in 2020, the Company continued implementing the Unified Program for the Promotion of the Principles of Corporate Interaction, which was approved in 2019. The main focus during the pandemic in 2020 was to involve employees in the corporate culture with the help of online training. Special online courses have been developed in four areas of interaction: Company–Employee, Employee–Employee, Company–External Environment, Manager–Employee. The training was designed to develop skills for interaction with colleagues, the external environment, and subordinate employees, and to develop feedback skills.

In order to seamlessly immerse themselves in the Group’s corporate culture, an interactive adaptation course on the principles of corporate interaction has been developed for newly hired employees.

An online survey was conducted at the end of the year to monitor compliance with the principles of corporate interaction. The results showed that 80% of respondents share and adhere to the principles of corporate interaction. The social survey results for 2020 improved compared with those of 2019.

Zarubezhneft’s goal for 2021 is to strengthen and develop a single team consisting of a team of employees with a high level of cohesion and adherence to the Company’s common goals and values.


One-man management, %
Collegial discussion and unconditional execution of the adopted decision, %
Open doors, %
Initiative and active life position, %
Commitment to continuous improvement and professional development, %
Fair performance assessment and employee motivation, %
Excelent student before the state, %
Honesty and openness, %
Tolerance and mutual respect, %
Team work, %
Constructive discussion of issues, %
Business conversation, %