Development of technological competencies (hard skills)

Knowledge management system (Nestro Know)

In the modern world, we are currently seeing a thorough reassessment of priorities under the influence of fundamental changes in the structure of factors and sources of business efficiency. As the role of information and knowledge increases, the creation and management of intellectual resources and knowledge is becoming one of most important tasks in business.

Keeping up with modern trends, Zarubezhneft also emphasizes such issues as innovative development and knowledge management as part of its strategic development priorities. Today, knowledge management tools are fully interconnected with the main focuses of the Company’s development strategy: expansion, technological leadership, corporate evolution, and talent management.

At present, the single platform that unites key elements of knowledge management at Zarubezhneft is the corporate Knowledge Management System (KMS), which has been given the corporate name NESTRO KNOW.

The KMS was designed in accordance with best practices and the Company’s specific needs and has all the necessary tools and mechanisms to support the entire cycle of knowledge management, from recording, searching for, and accumulating to the application and dissemination of information.

The KMS aims to enhance the efficiency of production processes by optimizing the full cycle of knowledge management and resolves two conceptual problems:

  • Maximizing the effective use of accumulated experience and reducing the risk of production tasks being repeatedly performed incorrectly
  • Establishing a platform to generate ideas for technology development and solving unconventional technical problems.

More than 3,000 employees of ZARUBEZHNEFT GROUP are now connected to the system.

Work with methodology, process optimization, and users is a key component of success when working with knowledge, as the project team continuously monitors the development of the system, collects feedback, and improves both the IT solution itself and the procedure, but the current success is achieved mainly due to such factors as:

Synergy with strategy
A tool to implement the strategy that is fully integrated into the existing it infrastructure and business process hierarchy

Focus on technology
The system development trajectory is aligned with the company’s technological focuses

Continuous development
A self-developing and change-responsive system

Institute of experts
Codification of unique expert knowledge integrated into the system

Engagement management
Motivation for changes and unconventional methods of engaging and managing customer activity

From the moment the KMS was put into commercial operation, it was piloted to focus solely on technological knowledge. In 2020, however, due to the project to create a single institute of experts, knowledge areas were restructured and replicated in all areas of strategically important competencies at the Company.

As part of the development of the knowledge model and tools in 2020, the Company continued work to improve and develop the system’s technical functionalities. New functions have already been introduced for to manage communities of practitioners, create discussion panels, plan key S&T events, and develop an expert’s personal account, while the most significant event was the full automation of the S&T Contest based on the KMS.

The project team has worked to ensure that, starting from 2020, the entire cycle — from the application and review of works to an assessment of their effective introduction — is fully incorporated within the KMS.

This innovation has proven to be very timely. Given the difficult epidemiological situation in 2020, the Company managed to successfully hold the S&T Contest on the basis of NESTRO KNOW.

Conducting the first online contest was a major event for the Company. This platform made it possible to use modern technical means, while simultaneously expanding the audience and geographical scope of the participants.

Institutes of experts and methodologists

In synergy with the accumulation and distribution of knowledge, the Company is actively developing the expert function. Today, it has more than 120 experts in various areas of expertise.

The Company has formed designated groups of technology experts, methodology experts, and KMS experts.

Moreover, in 2020, the decision was made to transform and develop internal expertise, with the initiation of the project Creation of the Unified Institute of Experts.

The project will enable the Company to form unified standards of expertise to improve the quality of work on key production tasks, develop expertise, and further share knowledge.

In 2020, a comprehensive methodology was developed to identify and select key areas of expertise that are crucial for achieving the goals of the strategy.

Petroleum engineering school

The Company continues to successfully run the Corporate School of Petroleum Engineering in an effort to develop technical expertise. The School’s curriculum covers both basic issues in field development and specialized sections on the most advanced technologies and methods of their application in the Company’s technological processes with the involvement of internal and external lecturers.

In2020, 17  courses were held for 19 groups, with 256 employees completing training in various courses.