Current portfolio of assets/upstream projects

In 2020:

  • The Group acquired a license to use a subsurface site for geological study at the Turgayskii subsurface site in the Orenburg Region and established a joint venture for the development of heavy oils jointly with Gazprom Neft PJSC
  • The Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade received an adjusted investment license for Block 09-2/09 with a 30% stake held by Zarubezhneft
  • The Group acquired Uralneftegazprom JSC
Operator/subsurface user Projects Life cycle stage
JV Vietsovpetro Block 09-1, oil fields: White Tiger, Dragon, White Hare, and Polar Bear Exploration and production
Block 04-3, Thien Ung oil and gas condensate field Production
Block 09-3/12 Exploration and production
Block 12/11 Exploration
Block 16-1 / 15, field: Golden Wolf Exploration
Block 09-2/09, exploration targets: KTN, KNT Exploration
VRJ Petroleum Co. (Block 09-3) Combined site of blocks 09-3 and 09-1. Southern Dragon — Sea Turtle Production
Zarubezhneft Branch Oil field Boca de Jaruco Enhanced oil recovery
ZN-BV LLC South East Ras El Ush Block Exploration
East Gebel El Zeit Block Exploration
Republic of Uzbekistan
JV ANDIJANPETRO LLC Ferghana region. Fields: Khartoum, East Khartoum, and South Alamyshyk Production
Russian Federation
JC RUSVIETPETRO LLC Block Central Khoreyver Uplift 1, Severo-Khosedayuskoye Field Production
Block Central Khoreyver Uplift 2, oil fields: Visovoye and Verkhnekolvinskoye Exploration and production
Block Central Khoreyver Uplift 3, oil fields: Zapadno-Khosedayuskoye, Sikhoreyskoye, Vostochno-Sikhoreyskoe, and Severo-Sikhoreyskoye Exploration and production
Block Central Khoreyver Uplift 4, oil fields: Syurkharatinskoye, Severo-Oshkotynskoye, Pyuseyskoye, Yuzhno-Syurkharatinskoye, Urernyrdskoye, and Vostochno-Yanemdeyskoye Exploration and production
Zapadno-Yareyaginskoye Exploration
ZARUBEZHNEFT-Dobycha Kharyaga LLC Kharyaga oil field Production
Orenburgnefteotdacha JSC Pashkinskoye oil field, Kirsanovskoye oil field Exploration and production
Chernovskoye oil field Production

Turgay site

South-Pcheliny site

Ulyanovskneftegaz LLC

Ruzhevskoye oil field,

Slavkinskoye oil field,

Kondakovskoye oil field,

Sulakskoye oil field


Radishchevsky site,

Nizhnemazinskoye field

Severo-Karasevskoye Petroleum Enterprise LLC Lutseyakhskoye field Exploration
ZN ZS LLC Salyimskiy-3 Exploration and production
Salyimskiy-5 Exploration
Uralneftegazprom JSC

Kopanskoye oil and gas condensate field

Berdyanskoye oil and gas condensate field

Chkalovskoye oil and gas condensate field