JV ANDIJANPETRO is an oil producing asset in which Zarubezhneft has a 50% stake that operates in cooperation with Uzbekneftegaz.

Three fields (South Alamyshyk, Khartoum, and East Khartoum) are located in Uzbekistan’s Fergana Region. They were put into development in 1945, 1957, and 1973, respectively. The main operational facilities are fully drilled and in the fourth stage of development.


As of the end of 2020:

  • The operating well stock had increased from 98 to 101 taking into account measures to shift wells from the piezometric stock in 2020
  • Hydrocarbon production amounted to 13,000 TOE in 2020
  • 37 WI interventions had been completed with an increase of 36.3 tons per day and incremental production of 3,700 tons

Capital expenses increased in the reporting year compared with 2019 due to the need to purchase priority equipment that is not included in the construction cost estimates (oilfield equipment, furniture, office appliances, office equipment, etc.).

Development prospects

The joint venture’s primary task for 2021 is to achieve a total production increase of at least 20,000 TOE. For this purpose, an extensive WI program has been established, including 43 measures (interventions) with a total increase of 26.1 tons per day and incremental production of 2,900 tons. The main planned measures are well re-completion to overlying formation and commingling, re-commissioning wells from other stocks, as well as remedial cementing.

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