ADCS – automated dispatch control system

ADP – asset development project

AEES – automated energy efficiency system

AIS – analytical information system

APG – associated petroleum gas

AWS – automated workstation

BCP – biodiversity conservation program

BPM – business process management

BSC – Business Service Center

CIS – Commonwealth of Independent States

CPC – Caspian Pipeline Consortium

CPF – Central Production Facility

CRC – corrosion-resistant coating

DV – drilling vessel

EAP – East Asia and the Pacific

EBITDA – earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization

ECA – Europe and Central Asia

ECP – electrical centrifugal pump

EFTG – Enhanced Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry

EGZ – East Gabel El Zeit block

EMBA – Executive Master of Business Administration

EORM – enhanced oil recovery method

EROI – energy return on investment

ETP – electronic trading platform

E&P – exploration and production

FCF – free cash flow

FDP – field development plan

FEED – front end engineering design

FEM – financial economic model

FPM – formation pressure maintenance

GEA – geological exploration activities

GEW – geological exploration work

HF – hydraulic fracturing

HNP – huff and puff

HTRR – hard-to-recover reserves

IDP – innovative development program

IEAA – International Economic Association Agreement

IEP – integrated environmental permit

IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards

JSC – joint-stock company

KFU – Kazan Federal University

KMS – Knowledge Management System

KPI – key performance indicator

KSI – kickoff surface infrastructure

LAC – Latin America and the Caribbean

LDP – long-term development program

LTIFR – Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate

MGIMO – Moscow State University of International Relations

MOAL – motor oil and lubricant

MNA – Middle East and North Africa

MPC – maximum permissible concentration

MRT – mineral replacement tax

MSHF – multistage hydraulic fracturing

NAA – Nenets Autonomous Area

NRPI – natural reservoir pressure increase

OEIM IS – Oilfield Equipment Integrity Management Information System

OGEEE AIS – Oil and Gas Enterprise Energy Efficiency Analytical Information System

OGWI – oil, gas, and water inflows

OF – open fountains

ORI – oil recovery index

ORS – oil refining and sales

OTS – operational and technical section

PCDW – pilot commercial development work

PCF – petroleum-containing fluid

PDCA – plan–do–check–act

PSA – production sharing agreement

PSDM – pre-stack depth migration

PSTM – pre-stack time migration

RAS – Russian Accounting Standards

RES – renewable energy source

RESDD – Renewable Energy Source Development Department

RLA – regulatory legal acts

RMS – risk management system

RMS IS – Real-time Monitoring Center Information System

RUIE – Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

R&D – research and development

SAGD – steam-assisted gravity drainage

SEREU – South East Ras El Ush block

SHPP – small hydroelectric power plant

SPP – solar power plant

TOE – ton of oil equivalent

ULRS – Unified Labor Remuneration System

VAT – value-added tax

VSP – vertical seismic profiling

WBS – work breakdown structure

WHP – well-head platform

WIP – well intervention program

WLS – well log survey

WPP – wind power plant

WSW – well servicing and workover

WWF – World Wildlife Fund

YNAO – Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area