History of the company

1967 Establishment of the All-Union Association Zarubezhneft under the USSR Ministry of Oil Industry as the Main Directorate (Order No. 2310 of the USSR Council of Ministers dated September 30, 1967).
1981 Creation of JV Vietsovpetro.
1967–1990 Zarubezhneft is the main foreign policy agent of the USSR in the oil industry abroad. Main countries of presence: Iraq, Angola, Algeria, Vietnam, India, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Cuba (presence in 33 countries).
2004 Zarubezhneft transformed into an open joint-stock company. The state transfers Nefteotdacha, VNIIneft, and Giprovostokneft to Zarubezhneft.
2006 The Russian Government issues a directive on the contribution of the Russian Federation’s share in JV Vietsovpetro to the charter capital of Zarubezhneft.
2007 Zarubezhneft joins a project to refine oil and sell petroleum products in the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
2008 Zarubezhneft joins a project to develop 13 fields in the Central Khoreyver Uplift in the Nenets Autonomous Area and creates JC RUSVIETPETRO.
2009 Zarubezhneft signs a production-sharing agreement with CubaPetroleo on four license blocks in Cuba.
2010 The Russian and Vietnamese Governments sign an agreement on further cooperation.
2011 Zarubezhneft signs an agreement with CubaPetroleo on the implementation of a project to increase oil recovery at the Boca de Jaruco high-viscosity heavy bituminous oil field.
2013 Zarubezhneft launches a joint project with the Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange for the exchange trading of crude oil produced by ZARUBEZHNEFT GROUP’s enterprises on the domestic market.
2016 France’s Total transfers 20% of the operator’s share and functions in the Kharyaga field development project to Zarubezhneft.
2018 An Addendum to the Agreement on Oil Development and Production at the Kharyaga field was signed in July on the terms of production sharing, extending the Agreement until December 31, 2031.
2019 Zarubezhneft and Uzbekneftegaz establish the joint venture Andijanpetro to operate at the existing Janubiy Olamushuk, Khartoum, and Vostochny Khartoum oil fields in Uzbekistan. In December, the operator officially passed from Andijanneft to JV ANDIJANPETRO.
2019 Zarubezhneft, the Egyptian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources, the Egyptian state holding company GANOPE, and Pacific Oil Limited sign a product sharing concession agreement in Cairo for the South East Ras El Ush and East Gebel El Zeit blocks.
2020 Zarubezhneft and DEME Concessions Wind NV sign an Agreement on Cooperation in Offshore Wind Generation in South Vietnam for the Vin Fong Offshore Wind Farm project with capacity of 1 GW. Zarubezhneft becomes the first Russian company to take a practical step towards participating in large-scale offshore wind generation projects.
2020 Zarubezhneft closes a deal to set up a joint venture to develop heavy oil fields in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area-Yugra.
2020 Zarubezhneft closes a deal to acquire a 56.17% stake in UNGP from Trust Bank. UNGP owns three licensed plots in the southern Orenburg Region. The deposits have been put into production, and current production is about 200,000 TOE per year.
2020 The Government of the Republic of Indonesia, as represented by the Ministry of Energy and SKK Migas State Company for Management of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, approves a Share Assignment Agreement between ZN Asia Ltd.and Premier Oil Tuna. The Tuna unit is located in the Indonesian Maritime Economic Zone, 13 km from the border of Vietnam’s maritime economic zone and includes two gas fields: Kuda Laut and Singa Laut.
2020 Zarubezhneft finishes first in the environmental responsibility ranking of Russian oil and gas companies.